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Bowls and Vessels made from Norfolk Pine

Please note: Due to sale of the property in Hawaiian Paradise Park, The Physical Gallery is not open at this time, and many of the works have been sent to other galleries. If you are interested in a specific item, contact us to see if it or a similar item is still available.

Norfolk Pine Bowl.   #030529.
10" Diameter, 7" Tall.
4 eyes
natural spalting
Translucence near bottom
Norfolk Pine Bowl.   #030601.
12 1/2" Diameter, 4 1/4" Tall.
Natural Spalting
Translucence at bottom
Bluish and Reddish coloration (artificially induced)
Coloration more distinct on outside than inside
Coloration most subtle of available bowls.
Norfolk Pine Bowl.   #030531.
12" Diameter, 4" Tall.
Spalted, 5 eyes + 1 black eye.
Minimal Truanslucence
Orange and Red coloration (artificially induced)
Norfolk Pine Bowl.   #030602.
13 3/8" Diameter, 5 1/4" Tall.
Minimal Translucence
Strong Red and Blue coloration (artificially induced) makes for a striking image.
Norfolk Pine Tall Grecian Style Urn.   #020221.
8"; Diameter, 29" Tall.   Danish Oil and Polyurethane finish.
Note that this item is not as dark as the picture shows.
$975.     Artist: Rick Frazier

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